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Belval Campus

The 1st and 2nd International Systems Biomedicine Symposium took place in 2011 and 2013, respectively, on the new Belval Campus of the University of Luxembourg, in Esch-sur-Alzette. 

Belval was a formerly a major site of Luxembourg's steel industry before the last operational blast furnace was shut down in 1997. Following this, an area of 120 hectares in the western part of the site became available for re-development.


LCSB, first academic building to be housed on Belval campus (Sept 2011)

Belval gare

The futuristic "Belval-Université" railway station 

Belval 1b

RBC Dexia building and Furnace A, two keystones of Belval 

Belval 8

The "Maison du Savoir", the main building of the University, under construction

Belval 2b

Aerial view of Belval as in 2010

Belval 3

Belval city quarter, Place de l'Académie